Trend: Car Sharing....

From SpringWise - here's a trend for city driver...I bet there is going to be another "billing" method soon that takes into consideration multiple factors: Time (how long you had the car), Distance (how far you drove the car), Context (where you drove the car) -- all these can be tracked through GPS then billed to an "account" (I was going to say credit card, but that is so '90s thinking).

Car sharing initiatives are taking off across the world. In the United Kingdom, Streetcar offers pay-as-you-go hire to consumers who like the convenience and flexibility of owning a car without the costs and hassles.

The twist? Unlike most other car sharing ventures, Streetcar doesn't charge users a fixed monthly or annual fee. Instead, their new Volkswagen Golf cars can be rented for GBP 4.95 per hour or GBP 35 for a 24-hour period. Cars can be booked online or over the phone either months in advance or just minutes before departure, and can be picked up and returned 24/7. ...Continue reading »


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