Cool Blog Alert!!! Half Arsed Ideas / Journal

I'm going to have a standing {sporadic} posting(s) for both Cool Blogs and Cool Companies - these listings are my choices, others can comment or make suggestions - but ultimately, I decide who gets listed.

Now for my Cool Blog! alert...

Just found this one and it's about IDEAS (both big and small). Good writing and quick reads (just what I like!). Blog is called Half Arsed Ideas / Journal and the description tells it all...

Written by a person who thinks he's an idea guy

You know, he could have described me. Go check out his blog and decide for yourself.

BTW - on a totally other subject, there is either something wrong with my browser, or something wrong with the Blogger Template. When I pull up my blog, the left hand column shows up at the bottom of the page. I've got some experience with HTML and can't figure this one out. I may have to change templates, just to see if I continue to get the same problem. UHGGGG!


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