Cool Blog and Idea Alert!! spread your smile!

There are never enough smiles in the world - but one blogger is trying to change all that with their blog. Here's what they say....
trying to create a global epidemic of smiling faces. send a picture of your
smiling face to or click on the email button
below, and i will post it for the world to see. smiles are's
time to infect the world!
I'm going to email her my picture, why don't you email yours -- who know what will happen with all these smiles -- peace may randomly breakout, we may actually decide to be nice to someone in the check out line, or possibly even say HI! to someone (OH NO, What will we ever do?)

Now here's a thought, what if all us bloggers, in an attempt to change the world, actually did!! What if by doing something as small as asking for a picture of you smiling, made a difference? What if John Stewart, Oprah, or David Lettermen mentioned this thing. How cool would that be?


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