A Business Group Hug -- FastPitch.com

Got this in my email box - information about this company. It looks interesting as another channel to market your business (especially if you're a small business). So check 'em out and let me know what you think. Below is the description from their "About Me" page...

Fast Pitch! is the fastest growing network of professionals on the web today.

Fast Pitch! gives business professionals a destination to network and promote their business (i.e. make their “pitch”). Our approach 'cuts to the chase' by providing a one-stop shop for almost everything a typical business would need to maximize their exposure across the Internet and in-person. Over 1.5 million introductions have been made using our innovative online lead exchange system that analyzes profiles and matches professionals based on what they buy and sell.

New opportunities are a few clicks away. Add your profile to the network and market your business like never before.


  1. Definately worth checking out. I have been a member and met a lot of great people networking, and get a lot of exposure through them promoting my blog and press.

    Business Networking

  2. Anonymous10/24/2007

    Great network. Perfect for small businesses looking for a quick way to make connections and market their business.

    They provide a nice comparison chart to help people decide which network works best. http://www.fastpitchnetworking.com/compare.cfm

    BTW... the URL to Fast Pitch! is http://www.fastpitchnetworking.com

    You may want to change the title?

    Barry J.


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