Two TV Commercials I don't like....

There are two TV commercials I don't really like - because I don't like the message they present. One is for Wal-Mart and the other is Visa (I think).

Wal-Mart -- this is the commercial where shoppers are in a high-end electronics store looking at HD TVs and the shopper asks why their prices are so high. The sales person starts rambling (probably realistic) about their "value". And then they say something to the affect of "but Wal-Mart has the same TV for less". Two problems....1) Wal-Mart beats vendors up on their "cost" and if vendors want to destroy their indirect channel so they can do business with Big Box retailers, so be it. But Wal-Mart has not value except their low price (no layaway, no expertise about product, no installation or setup, etc.). 2) If the specialty retailers can't express their value, then price becomes the only issue -- therefore, these companies should go out of business, pushed out by Wal-Mart and their lower price.

Visa -- This commercial is about the deli/sandwich shop -- their customers are moving along like a manufacturing floor (everyone happily using their Visa card to pay for their purchases) when someone creates chaos by using cash. Everything screeches to a halt, workers are angry, customers are angry -- all because this guy wanted to use cash!! Here's my problem -- cash is legal tender and I remember a few years ago when these types of shops didn't take Visa! If someone wants to pay for your goods and services, allow them -- cash is actually better, no service fees - but then again, Visa wouldn't get their cut of the transaction.

That's it -- these two for right now.


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