The Answers are In......

Last week I experimented with LinkedIn Answers (which is probably more accurate if it were called Questions - but who am I to quibble). And the experiment is over - I got 21 answers (with a little bit of back and forth emailing with those that answered). I got a wide range of answers and that's what I was curious about.

Here's a mini breakdown for my question "best way to get a web site up and running"....

Total number of answers - 21
33% (7) said to find a technical person and pay them (or some variation there of)
24% (5) suggested some tool (Google Docs, WordPress, Wiki, Joomla)
24% (5) suggested not getting caught up in the tools, just do it, get moving, etc.
14% (3) suggested getting your act together before doing anything - i.e. create your plan, plan your content, etc.
5% (1) suggested getting "some chops" and programming it myself with Ruby on Rails

Personally, I liked the interaction and the answers. I did go ahead and rate them (based upon my own personal criteria) and picked one as best. I picked Greg's because it was the most elegant based upon the situation presented. So, if you're curious, here are the answers [link].


  1. Hi Arnie
    Some interesting responses - thanks for posting the results. I am in the initial planning stage of a new venture myself and am thinking about the best way to go. I hope to get an "all things football" type of site going so need a content management solution. I use Expression Engine for my coach blog and really like it. Its not free though. The good thing about it is the templates are almost straight html with the appropriate tags slotted straight in - no php programming for me to do at all. it works well on personal blogs but is very flexible too. I am dabbling a bit in things like joomla to see if I can pick that up too.
    Cheers - coach

  2. Forgot to mention on mt response on mybloglog:

    Footy - rugby league, rugby union and Australian Rules. I love American Football but don't know enough to write about it.


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