How long with it take to get 30K bloggers in the same room (virutally of course).....

Here is a very interesting idea - get 30K bloggers to blog about the same "thing" on the same day. Kinda like the whole "Day in the Life" picture thing. It's a great idea - of course, I'd like for them to blog about me, think about the possiblities, the Digg, Technorati, Google rankings. Oh well, here is are the details in case you want to join....

30,000 weblogs. One Day. One Voice.

A blogosphere challenge initiated by Rick, Brian and Carol.

Here's how it works:

  1. Send an email to with the subject: Yop!
  2. In the body of the email list the name of your weblog, and the URL.
  3. Your weblog will be added to the list below.
  4. Tell your friends who blog about it, and urge them to send in their weblog as well.
  5. When the list reaches 30,000, a date and a word will be listed on the page. On that date, every weblog on the list agrees to make a single post with the word as the title. The content of the post should be about what you want for the world, whatever that may be. The purpose is not to make a particular political statement, but simply to make a noise. If 30,000 weblogs all post the same unusual word, it WILL be heard.

Have you ever wanted to shout to the world? Here's your chance.


  1. I'm in. Send an email to Paul Mooney at and invite her to help you out.

    She seems to have some blogger influence.

  2. ......that's a cool it critical mass......and the word will be.......candy.


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