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Our latest edition is now online. Ideas featured this week:

Tropical muesli mix Mixed-to-order muesli
Food & beverage

As much choice as there may be in the cereal aisle, nothing beats
made-to-order, especially if you can mix and match 70 ingredients.
Which is what Mymuesli offers through its online cereal store.

SpaceShare logo
Networking & bedsharing Update
Eco & sustainability

Following our earlier post on the Salone del Mobile's bedsharing
project, comes a non-profit venture that's dedicated to making
conferences both greener and more sociable.

Soccer balls
Crowd-buying a soccer team
Lifestyle & leisure

MyFootballClub aims to sign up 50,000 members to buy and manage
a pro league football/soccer team. Two weeks after launching, over
22,000 people have registered to own the club and pick the team.

Detail of pizza vending machine
Pizza vending machines
Food & beverage

One of the world's favourite fast-food options just got even more
convenient with Wonderpizza—the world's first vending machine to
serve up piping hot pizzas in less than two minutes.

Shiny bicycle
Old bikes to unique rides
Transportation, Eco & sustainability

Specialbike breathes new life into beaten down bikes by stripping
reusable components, powder-coating the frame in a selection of eye-
popping colours, and then rebuilding to meet custom specifications.

Not a voodoo doll Gravanity dolls Update
Style & design

TinyPocketPeople produces made to order dolls using photographs
that customers upload to the website. For toddlers missing mommy or
sweethearts pining for a distant love.

Three Discrevolt cards
Indie download cards
Entertainment, Media & publishing

As bands move from CDs to digital downloads, they need something
to hook potential customers at concerts, instead of hoping they'll
download later. DiscRevolt comes to the rescue with collectible cards.


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