From the "It Looks Kinda Heavy" Department....


Toshiba's '360-degree' head mounted display...

It could be the way we'll be watching our TVs and playing those silly video games some day. Toshiba has developed a giant full-faced helmet that weighs around 6.6 lbs and gives the wearer a full 360-degree view on a 15.75 in. dome-shaped fish-eye screen. The idea of full "360-degree viewing" is fabulous, but what were these guys thinking about putting a 7 lb. bubble headed helment on - and what about all that "moisture" from your breath and head-sweat (oh the smell....)?

I guess they didn't watch the 1983 classic "Brainstorm" with Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood (I believe it was her last movie). They started off with a bubble headed helment and shrunk it down to just a headband - oh well. This could be cool, but I'm waiting for the direct connect brain plugs ;-)


  1. That looks comfortable - I don't think I will be an early adopter on that one.

    Off topic - paid the deposit on my new Mac yesterday :)

  2. Looks like "The Fly"~!


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