Half Full or Half Empty....

For some reason this week, I have seen lots of variations on the "is your cup half full or half empty" phrase. And although in the past I found this discussion very interesting, this week I decided it doesn't matter and that all of us are missing the point. The cup is both - it is in a dual state - it is both full and empty at the same time and the discussion about how we view is not important.

So what is important?

The Cup itself. That there is a cup at all to have a discussion about. If we can just get past the full/empty issues (because that's perspective and it fluctuates based upon lots of other variables) and take ourselves to the spot where being excited about the cup - then lots of our problems go away. In our lives there are lots of cups (an easy one is the old bank accounts) that float between empty to full - but think about the beauty of just having the cup. Once you change to view the cup as the important thing, lots of other problems melt away - because logically, all of us know that the "stuff" within the cup is in a state of constant flux - but the cup is real blessing.

Found this cartoon and thought I'd share - its from Bill Totten's Weblog...but the actual artist is Kirk Anderson, check him out at Kirktoons....

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  1. Excellent perspective there Arnie. It's good to see something from a different point of view. I'll quote you next time someone talks about the cup being half full/empty.


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