Springwise Newsletter - This week's juiciest new business ideas

Because I like to share these things -- here is a posting of the actual email newsletter I received from Springwise. These things are always interesting and I believe, once you start looking at a larger view, you can connect dots and see trends emerge. Enjoy...AM

Our latest edition is now online. Ideas featured this week:

Grapes in mid-air Wine commerce for amateur vintners
Food & beverage
Urban winery Crushpad, which we featured 2 years ago, expanded its offerings to include resources for those who want to capitalize on their winemaking experience by launching their own brand.

"Don't steal it, We7 it!"
Fighting music piracy with free love
Entertainment, Media & Publishing
Backed by Peter Gabriel, British We7 is offering consumers free songs tagged with 10-second advertisements, which are played before the music track starts. After 4 weeks, the ads are removed.

Woman wearing a Reactee
Dialogue t-shirts that text back
Mobile & telecom, Fashion & beauty
T-shirts have long been conversation starters. Reactee takes the interaction to the next level by harnessing the power of SMS, creating t-shirts that "text back" a message written by their wearer.

A Brand New You Tube
Tryvertising in a tube
Fashion, beauty, Marketing & advertising
Subscribers to Brand New You Tube and NewBeauty's TestTube receive a tube full of samples of beauty products, and reply with valuable feedback for cosmetics brands.

Woman with laptop, in despair Tech support for minipreneurs
Life hacks
People who work for large corporations rely on company tech support to get them through computer snafus and service issues. Now Support.com is bringing the same large-scale tech support to SMBs.

List of food for donation Family to family aid
Non-profit, social cause
Donating money or non-perishables to food banks, while philanthropic, can feel a bit detached. Family-to-Family, a non-profit hunger relief program is looking to change that by making charity personal.

Stage at Spotlight Live Dinner with a side of limelight
Entertainment, Food & beverage
"Eat, drink and be famous" is the motto at Spotlight Live, a new restaurant in New York's Time Square that's serving up whimsical American cuisine and American Idol style entertainment.


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  2. Excellent ideas by you dude...! Thanks for them.


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