Never Leave Home without it....

Question:  Won't my iPhone (or iPod) be stolen if I just let it lay around, out in the open? 

The answer is NO!!  To the rescue is Hide-a-Pod. As described on the product site: can you take your iPod out of your home without fear?

    It's really very simple. Just tell us what iPod model you want to protect and we provide a gutted and hinged Zune with our custom molded iPod casing adapter. We also include a custom cable from the Zune's controls and audio output jack that you simply plug into your iPod. No iPod modifications are necessary.
Hide-a-Pod, thankfully, protects iPhones, too! What really speaks to the effectiveness of this product is the customer testimonials.
    My car was broken into last week. Those rotten thieves took everything of value in the car . . . except my iPod. There it was on the front, seat safe in the Hide-a-Pod shell. Thanks for such a great product!
Don't leave your iPod's safety to chance. Grab a brown Hide-a-Pod (only brown is available, for maximum anti-theft effectiveness) and protect YOUR 'Pod.


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