Which was the better investment (or is cool just a better investement)?

The other day I was thinking about investments (you know, stock market, make a million betting legally on the financial strength of companies) -- and I wondered which would have been a better investment - Google (at the time of IPO) or Apple, if you purchased it on the same day.  So here are the stocks I looked at - and determined the original IPO for Google was in August of 2004 (just a scant 3 years ago)....
Then did a comparison to the general market indices - S&P 500 and Nasdaq (which had generally gained 45% over the same time period).
And the winner is Apple!!  Yes, Apple would have been a better investment than Google - almost 2x as good.  But Google was pretty good and Salesforce.com and Amazon did very respectable.  I'm not going to give you the answer to how much, you can do that yourself - but understand that each of these would have doubled your money in three years - not bad.
Who did the worst - that was eBay.  You would have lost money on that puppy.


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