Fwd: [critical assumption] New comment on Social Lending - A winning concept (or is it?).

Rob Garcia saw the post and wrote this response -- since he was offering big time MONEY as an enticement, I thought I'd put right up front.....AM

What an interesting write up. I enjoyed reading it this morning.

We at Lending Club are following a "mixed" approach, where you don't necessarily know the person, but we expose other social information such as education, work, associations and location, without exposing any personal information, so that Lenders can utilize their "connections" to make a credit decision, in addition to the hard credit numbers.

Please feel free to pass this URL to your readers and friends.


I will personally deposit $25 to your readers for signing-up and trying it out as either a Lender or Borrower.

Better Rates. Together.

Rob Garcia
Director, Web Production
Lending Club

So there, I do have people that read this blog!!


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