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Interesting that this week I was talking with a co-worker who is married with no children -- so the trend for "Parents with no children" website and information is very timely. I think I'll forward her the web story!!

Youngish woman and black boardParenting site aimed at non-parents
Media & publishing / Lifestyle & leisure
Parents have long had websites to turn to for community and advice, but until recently little has been available to serve the needs of "P.A.N.K.s" -- professional aunts with no kids of their own.

Man with violinVideo tutorials for professional musicians
Education / Media & publishing
Earlier this summer we wrote about Now Play It, which uses artist-led video instruction to teach music fans to play their favourite pop and rock songs. Now? Video lessons for classical and jazz musicians.

Screenshot showing someone's DreamBank dreamDreamBank creates new model for gift-giving
Financial services / Lifestyle & leisure
DreamBank aims to help people 18 and over fund their dreams by posting them online and inviting friends and family to contribute toward their realization.

Pair of brown high heels by Alexander McQueenEmergency wardrobe service for hotel guests
Retail / Fashion & beauty / Travel & tourism
Forgotten pair of shoes? Embarrassing stain incurred at dinner? Guests at several Soho Houses need fear such adversity no more, thanks to a new service by online fashion retailer Net-A-Porter.

Man buying material at Eco-LogischDIY retailers focus on greener home improvement
Retail / Homes & housing / Eco & sustainability
We've written about an online library of sustainable building materials aimed at making it easier for builders to be green. Now, a Colorado-based store that showcases green products for building and the home.

Departures road signTravel insurance for over-60s
Financial services / Travel & tourism
For senior citizens, finding travel insurance can be a challenge, given the age limits most providers put on their services. UK-based Intune hopes to end that with financial services aimed at consumers over 60.

Empty Capri Sun pouchesGarbage into gold, now via discarded wrappers
Eco & sustainability
Update | TerraCycle has found yet another way to create gold out of garbage by turning discarded wrappers and juice pouches into bags, pencil boxes and other accessories.

Woman on a Zigo with a kid in the trailerConvertible bicycle serves multiple needs
Transportation / Lifestyle & leisure
Converting from one mode to another is simply a matter of swivelling casters and attaching or detaching the "child pod" trailer, and can be done in 30 seconds or less.

Person on bike charging mobile phoneOne more music festival phone charger
Telecom & mobile / Marketing & advertising / Eco & sustainability
Yet another eco-friendly phone charger from yet another cellular company at yet another summer music festival. Next? Move these green charging concepts off the festivals and into daily life.

Rubber duckies in pastel huesCrowdsourced tagging tool makes photos searchable
Life hacks
While digital photography makes it very easy to shoot thousands of images, most digital photographers lack the time and patience to tag those individual photos. Tagcow & Mechanical Turk to the rescue!


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