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Time to enjoy another round round of business trends from Springwise. The first one, about delivered milk making a comeback -- it's another example of personal service in an impersonal world -- what other "personal services" could be coming back? I saw a billboard the other day about a Doctor that makes house calls? Enjoy...

Milk bottle and glassThe milkman returns to Manhattan
Food & beverage / Retail
Last week we wrote about a bank that brought back the shoebox as a no-tech organizing system for their time-starved clients. Now, one of our spotters alerted us to the return of the milkman.

Faber & Faber ffs reclining on a leather couchPublisher launches academy for aspiring writers
Education / Media & publishing
Faber & Faber, which describes itself as one of the last of the great independent publishing houses in London, recently launched an academy for aspiring writers.

Keds shoe covered in orange floral designDesign your own Keds & sell them on Zazzle
Fashion & beauty / Style & design
Keds Studio lets consumers design their own custom Keds classic canvas sneakers by picking colours and adding graphics, photos & text. If others buy their design, the mark-up is theirs.

Air fare calculationHelping travellers reclaim taxes on flights not taken
Travel & tourism / Financial services / Life hacks
While most affordable air tickets are non-refundable, consumers are entitled to reclaim the tax and (fuel) charges on an air ticket that they didn't use. Newly launched Miss Refund will claim it for them.

Stockphoto type picture of a man in shirt and tieBank targets gay Londoners
Financial services
Credit Suisse's new service is provided by advisors who are themselves openly gay, and includes not just traditional banking offerings but also components for events like adoption and civil partnership.

$0Free love for investors
Financial services
The financial services industry isn't exactly known for giving things away for free, but a California-based firm is breaking the mould and offering free stock trading for investors.

Screenshot from Roofray's websiteUsing Google maps to calculate homes' solar potential
Eco & sustainability / Homes & housing
Using Roofray's modelling tools, consumers can estimate how much solar energy their home could capture and how that would affect their monthly bills.

Screenshot from Roomorama's websiteMore paid room-sharing
Travel & tourism
Roomorama aims to provide a quick and easy way to arrange short-term stays by matching hosts who have space to share with travellers planning a visit to their city.

FacecardsPrepaid MasterCard for teens adds a social twist
Financial services
For parents, teaching teens to spend responsibly involves walking a fine line between empowerment and control. A new prepaid MasterCard aims to make that process easier.

Hands interacting with Surface at a Sheraton hotel Interactive tables help hotel guests plan their stay
Travel & tourism / Media & publishing
Earlier this year we wrote about the use of interactive surface technology in New York's Adour wine bar, and now guests at Sheraton Hotels can use similar technology to access local information.


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