The brightest new business ideas that have shown up this week - 9/18/2008

I bet we'll start seeing more and more "recycled" and "green" products cropping up in the next few months [and years]. Green is the new Internet Boom -- money, products, people -- all will be flooding into the market for our dollars. I wonder which idea and products will last?

Tiny cakes topped with blueberries and raspberriesBakery focuses on bite-size treats
Food & beverage / Retail
When we wrote last year about Minnies and its bite-size burgers, we noted the concurrent rise of dessert-only eateries. A new bakery combines the two trends.

Girl sitting on a bed, drawingBedding designed by (and for) kids
Homes & housing / Style & design
Australian Kideko sells a variety of children's bedding featuring bright, bold colours and innovative designs. Now, the company is holding a contest to find a kid-created design to add to its collection.

Email signatureE-mail signatures for Election '08
Marketing & advertising / Non-profit & social cause
As the US presidential election winds up to a fever pitch, there's no doubt passionate supporters are looking for ways to give their side an edge. One such tool is a custom e-mail signature.

A park-based business loungePop-up hotel lobbies lure office workers to the park
Marketing & advertising / Travel & tourism
Launching its new tech-savvy lobbies in a big way, Sheraton invited New Yorkers to abandon their desks to work from Central Park, where it temporarily installed several Link (at) Sheraton lounges.

Fresh veggiesUpscale takeaway meets on-site cooking school
Food & beverage / Retail
Over the years we've written about several companies that specialize in the preparation and delivery of high-end meals that are ready to be cooked in the consumer's home. A London startup offers a new twist.

Wedding invitations, super-sized
Lifestyle & leisure / Style & design
Seattle-based Poster Bride makes invitations to celebrate weddings in grand style. Each serigraph is custom-designed and hand-printed on poster-sized paper.

Orange bag made from airplane seat upholsteryVirgin Atlantic's seat covers, reborn as bags
Eco & sustainability / Fashion & beauty
Worn Again -- an eco-fashion initiative -- has teamed up with Virgin Atlantic to turn old aircraft seat covers and other materials into stylish new bags and toiletry cases.

Woman using a Heklucht bike pumpBike stand doubles as tire pump
Transportation / Style & design
A bike innovation out of the Netherlands recently caught the attention of one of our spotters: a combination bike stand and tire pump, designed for use in public spaces.

Happy Napkin (an unused brand)Marketplace for unused brands
Marketing & advertising
Launched last month, Texas-based IncSpring is a virtual marketplace linking graphic designers with businesses interested in pre-designed but unused corporate logos, brands and corporate identities.

Drawing of a carrot on a bike transporting other vegetables Local produce, delivered by bicycle
Eco & sustainability / Food & beverage / Transportation
It's hard to imagine a business for which emissions-free travel makes more sense than the delivery of fresh organic produce. Which is why a Florida company delivers by bicycle-towed trailer.

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  1. Then there is the 3D Solar Cell invented by a 7th Grader.


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