Just when it seemed things were starting to make sense...

They don't make sense.

Here's my dilemma -- OK, I get that we are in a complete financial melt down [but then again, someone making $50K a year with $50K in credit card debt shouldn't qualify for a $500K mortgage any way - good market, bad market - doesn't matter].  And I get that gas prices are up, food is up, free cash is down, savings is not existent, etc and so on.  I get all that.

But, one of the reasons given for the high price of oil is that "investors have to put their money somewhere and the US Dollar is down..." [but that didn't support the whole idea of speculators making the price of oil go up].  So today, there is a $700B bail out plan, the US Dollar is up against all currencies [I think, but don't quote me] and guess what else is up -- if you guessed Crude Oil, then you with the big prize on the top row.

I just don't get it, maybe someone can explain it to me - right now my head hurts.

Here are some articles to keep you busy trying to figure it out on your own....
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  1. Have you looked who stands to gain the most from these bailouts? The Federal Reserve System. nomedals.blogspot.com

  2. There are lots of people that stand to gain -- those with CASH will gain the most [since credit has dried up]. There a saying "follow the money" -- but anytime there are huge swings up and down -- people with money love it. Because money is to be made in the transaction and speed creates more transactions.


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