Springwise for 10-10-08 | This week's most convenient new business ideas

Here's another one for you. But what was interesting was the associated AdWords when I read the email. I didn't realize there were so many "specialty" marketing and PR firms that did "shock" and "stun" events. I guess consumers are getting more and more used to normal advertising and the only way to get through the clutter for most products is to walk up behind the consumer and scare the crap out of us.

A flat Graze box and a red mug
Healthy snacks, delivered by mail in serving sizes
Food & beverage
A new UK company sells natural and nutritious edibles that are delivered by mail in just the right sizes, and according to a customer-defined weekly schedule.

Pile of boxes Matching buyers and sellers of cardboard boxes
Life hacks / Eco & sustainability
Anyone who's ever moved has experienced the Quest for Boxes, involving either significant expense for new shipping boxes or countless trips to stores and restaurants in search of usable discards.

Detail of a screenshot of Pod Culture's forums Hotel helps guests connect online before they arrive
Tourism & travel / Media & publishing
Once they've booked, Pod Hotel's guests are sent a unique user ID code that allows them to begin communicating with other guests on the hotel's Pod Culture forum.

Kitchen set-up in Best Buy concept store for women Best Buy launches store for and by women
Gone are the chain's typical warehouse-style blue interiors and metal shelving, replaced instead by wood panelling, carpets featuring earth tones and skylights for natural lighting.

Cover of Distill magazine Magazine republishes best from other style mags
Media & publishing
A new bimonthly magazine brings together the best content from lesser-known fashion and style publications from around the world, enhanced by commentary from renowned creative figures.

Diagram showing connected people New venture makes recommendations across the web
Retail / Media & publishing
While a few stand-alone sites have popped up to connect 'twinsumers' in specific niches (such as music), a Berlin-based startup aims to give users recommendations for anything and everything across the web.

Comfy seats on a private jet Discount seating on empty private jet flights
Travel & tourism
Geneva-based LunaJets takes advantage of the fact that many private jets fly empty when they return home after dropping passengers off or when they head out to pick passengers up.

Nutrition bar More custom energy bars
Food & beverage
Earlier this year we covered customizable energy bars from Los Angeles-based YouBar, and recently a similar contender out of the Midwest crossed our proverbial path.

Interior view of a Spa Suite treatment room Eco-friendly pop-up spa
Lifestyle & leisure / Eco & sustainability
No sooner did we cover two mobile bars that popped up in Singapore than one of our spotters alerted us to yet another pop-up innovation: a mobile spa that launched at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Image from a video definition of the word 'silk' Video dictionary with a wiki touch
Media & publishing / Education
Inspired by the way Wikipedia changed the encyclopedia with its online format and user-contributed content, a new digital dictionary hopes to change the way the world articulates the meanings of words.


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