The Tweeter 10 | a serious source of new blog material

The following articles, links, web sites, etc. are coming to you courtesy of the people I follow on Twitter -- and though I can't remember who it was that recommend the information, just understand that I'm coming to believe that the power of a "short micro bursts" of information may be more than the majority of the blogs I read.

Feel free to check out my Twitter page and follow me there or check out who I'm following - it is truly amazing the multi-treaded conversations that can happen....

  1. Financial Chart for the last four Bear markets
  2. Article about the Money Mafia -- had to bookmark this blog for further reading
  3. Comparison of and Pandora [not to be biased, but I am, they like Pandora also]
  4. How about New Mogul -- a power list of articles
  5. And this article about P2P lending -- and lender Prosper
  6. How about this list of 100 productivity apps from Mashable
  7. I will do an entry about this site - but until then, you have to check this out - StockTwits
  8. Blog -- Advertising 3.0 by Chris Schaumann, a Microsofty providing some good stuff about the next wave of advertising
  9. And why the crowd is sometimes very dumb.....and finally....
  10. how about a comparison of Geoff Colvin vs. Malcolm Gladwell
This is just a sampling of the stuff I've found, I'll have more Twitter 10 posts in the future.


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