Some BIG Ideas | Twelve smart new business ideas from around the world

Springwise newsletter  New business ideas for entrepreneurial minds

fiverr Online marketplace for $5 tasks
Life hacks

Israel-based Fiverr lets anyone sell virtually any type of service for $5.
Categories on the site include 'Fun & Bizarre' and 'Silly Stuff' along
with more staid classics such as 'Graphics' and 'Social Marketing'.

worldfare Double-decker 'bustaurant' serves up high-end cuisine
Food & beverage

World Fare is a Los Angeles-based double-decker bus with a kitchen
downstairs and a rooftop restaurant above. Patrons are served a
variety of high-end dishes from around the world.

oosocial Domino's recruits fans to sell its pizza
Marketing & advertising / Food & beverage

A Domino's Pizza web widget lets consumers serve as marketeers
for the brand through social networking pages and blogs. In return
they get a commission on any orders placed through their pages.

bandee Gadget-friendly sash holds personal devices
Fashion & beauty / Style & design

The Bandee is a multifunctional sash designed to hold mobile phones,
iPods and all sorts of other gadgets that otherwise fill up pockets or
get lost in handbags.

semaconnect Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
Automotive / Eco & sustainability

SemaConnect has developed an automated solution that lets parking
operators run networks of vehicle charging systems with web-based
management tools and customer authentification using smart cards.

metrotwin London and Mumbai compared and contrasted
Tourism & travel / Marketing & advertising / Media & publishing

British Airways' Metrotwin focuses on comparing and contrasting city
'twins'. Recommendations for the best neighbourhoods, businesses,
attractions and places to visit are rewarded with air miles.

bubblebum Inflatable car booster seat for kids
Automotive / Style & design

BubbleBum is an inflatable, safety-approved car booster seat,
providing a lightweight, portable alternative to more cumbersome
counterparts, and ideal for holidays, school trips and car pooling.

traindom Helping minipreneurs sell their expertise

Estonia-based Traindom is a platform for information entrepreneurs
to market their expertise by means of its easy-to-use product creation
interface, client management tools, and payment systems.

sainsburysbees Supermarket builds 'bee hotels' to improve pollination
Retail / Eco & sustainability

To help address bee decline in the UK and its impact on local crops,
British retailer Sainsbury's has announced it will install eight 'bee hotels'
on land around their new eco-store in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

supercoolschool Platform to create and monetise online schools
Education / Media & publishing

Users of San Francisco-based Supercool School can create real-time
classes and make them available to an unlimited number of students
around the world.

tatmash Web simulator for trying on virtual tattoos
Fashion & beauty

California-based TatMash overlays tattoo designs onto users'
photographs to allow consumers to see what a tattoo would
look like on them before they commit to the real thing.

syncfu Online retailers install widget to enable group buying

SyncFu is a free widget that any e-commerce website can install
to let deal-seeking consumers team up for volume discounts and
see how the price drops as more people commit to a purchase.


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