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A 98% biodegradable pen - made with earthly friendly inks, made from wind power and made in the USA.  I would say more, but the reality is that the website speaks for itself.  In my mind, this is truly taking a basic product, one that is used every day and making it earth friendly [and who would have thought pens were not earth friendly to begin with?  I actually never thought about it.]
They also have biodegradable paper - so the basic elements of communications - Pen & Paper have not been re-engineered to be Earth friendly, from birth to death.
About DBA:
DBA is a New York based company founded in 2008 with the goal of developing unique products that combine aesthetic strength, technical innovation and ecologically effective prin- ciples. DBA's wares are distinguished by an honest simplicity and a heightened sensitivity to user needs. Furthermore, DBA is committed to the awareness and application of responsible materials, efficient construction and intelligent packaging.

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  1. Anonymous5/28/2010

    I can't help of think about the most popular bio-degrable paper in the modern era, Rice Paper, a paper that was frankly ugly, hand no tactile feel and just felt cheap when you handled it. Yet, depsite it's basic qualities it has remained relatively unchanged over the decades, driven by a strong market demand, the gambling industry. It's not Green and not sustainable unless it has a sustainable economic value, anthing less is just another attempt to captialize upon the fads whims of the day....:)


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