Everything Evolves

I was thinking today about how the industry that I have chosen for a career [High Tech] has evolved since I moved to Denver and started working for a small software company called JD Edwards and Company [that become a big company and was gobbled up by Oracle].

I started working before the internet was something that could be used by normal people - and the concept of things like personal computers, mobile phones, DVDs, game consoles and just about everything we take for granted within tech today was broadly used [or even invented]. And I don't think I'm really that old - my kids stretch from elementary to high school - and I still have potentially a couple decades left in my professional career.

And now, within the IT Services world - it's all about Cloud Computing and "as a Service" service offerings. I read something today about how Outsourcing will be gone in 5 years and everything will be provided with a subscription model. That might happen, it might not - there are people that have 10 year old computers, use Lotus 123, and don't own mobile phones. Mainframes have not died yet and big Nortel phone switches still rule out there in corporate America.

Predictions are just opinions. No one has a crystal ball - the future is very hazy. And for every right prediction, there are hundreds that are wrong. But here's my prediction - tomorrow will be different from today - and next year will be dramatically different from last year.


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