In the Age of Personal Branding...

Twitter is a great thing, you really never know when you might come across something that strike you as "worthy" of your time.  But I clicked on a link and thought I'd share it....

Blog Post:  5 New Books that Every Marketer Should Read (that aren't about marketing) by Mitch Joel, CEO of Twisted Image.  I like the blog post, but what really struck me was the blog layout/look/feel/design as much as anything.  It really is engaging (more so than the design on this blog).  I just really liked it and it drew me in, so I clicked on a few links.  Very cool stuff.

And Mitch is really throwing his "brand" out there - along with his companies, but it's really him that is presented here -and the name of the blog is pretty cool too.  Enjoy!


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