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Mini satellite can create visible Morse code across the night sky

The FITSAT-1, developed by researchers at the Fukuoka Institute of Technology in Japan, houses LEDs that can create a Morse code message that can be seen from earth. READ MORE...

Platform provides tools for young people to set up a business

Bizinate helps bright young things to start selling their products and services online, with the option for parental input. READ MORE...

Trackable suitcase automatically follows its owner

The hop! suitcase from Ideactionary is Bluetooth-enabled and can follow its owner around as well as being traceable when lost. READ MORE...

Airline offers trip abroad for voters who disagree with the presidential election outcome

JetBlue's Election Protection 2012 campaign promises to fly voters out of the US if their candidate of choice does not win the presidency in November. READ MORE...

Open-source e-bike uses smartphone as on-board computer

Urban mobility startup Velo is hoping to make an open-source computer-aided e-bike available to road users in the form of the Velo-1. READ MORE...

Toy and story kit aims to encourage girls to develop an interest in engineering

GoldieBlox is a startup using building blocks and story books to engage girls with the practice of constructing spaces and objects. READ MORE...

Wise Words with Kris Hewitt

We chat to the founder of coffee subscription service eightpointnine, which allows users to customize their own blends, about their first year of business. READ MORE...

In the Netherlands, hotel aims to offer complete holiday experience in one building

Hotel Droog in the Netherlands now aims to provide the entire holiday experience in one building. READ MORE...

Urban farm and market encourages consumers to be involved in the growing process

The Farmery aims to enable consumers to see how their food is grown as well as take part in the farming process themselves. READ MORE...

In San Francisco, site delivers high quality restaurant food to the door

Caviar delivers meals from eateries which are highly rated on customer review site Yelp. READ MORE...

Taxi creates music based on the environment it is travelling through

The Make The City Sound Better project has equipped a London black cab with the technology to create music for the passenger based on the locations they are passing through. READ MORE...

Clothing fabric recycled from landfill trash

Vapor Apparel is launching its ECO Spin fabric which is made of recycled materials that are taken from landfill. READ MORE...

A gamified approach to finding real-world applications for scientific innovations

UK-based Marblar aims to connect scientists and the entrepreneurial crowds to help brainstorm real-world applications for promising scientific research. READ MORE...

Soccer ball makes cash for charities when it is played with

The Ludo ball monitors how often it is used and racks up points – transferable into donations – to enable players to give to charity. READ MORE...

Garden mirror tracks the sun to provide light where it's most needed

The Wikoda Sunflower is the first domestic heliostat that helps owners reflect light in their garden towards the spots that need it most. READ MORE... 

In Europe, project aims to add missing person info to 'Not found' pages

The NotFound scheme is hoping to turn the web's 404 pages into a platform for alerting internet users to the continent's missing kids. READ MORE...

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