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I just ran across a great site and thought I'd share.  It's called Photo Pin and it provides photos for use on the internet through the creative commons license.

Love it or hate it, there are people copying images, graphics and words on a daily basis.  There is nothing you can do about that - it's going to happen, so if you publish, you just have to decide to site back and let it happen.  Getting worked up about is not work the stress in your life.  You are much better off deciding to site back, let it happen, and if someone else is wildly successful with your "stuff", then find a lawyer and sue them.  It happens all the time in our crazy, cut and past world.

But, since we have Creative Commons, why one not use it?  Why not go ahead and give other talented individuals some exposure and credit for what they do.  I'm not a graphic artist or a photographer.  But, those things make a blog posting more interesting - and catch the eye.  So, I go out on the internet and grab a photo or graphic and use it.  I try to attribute, but get rushed, or forget where it come from, etc.

This site allows you to search for images via keywords.  And then use the CC to attribute ownership of the image.  Easy, and I like easy.

So check it out, it may become your new best friend with blog posting.  [example below]

photo credit: alongfortheride.♥ via photopin cc


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