Missing out on life ... the dark side of fear

Not to get too dark, but I've had a hard time getting out of my own way lately.  I'm intelligent, I've had success in business, I have made money that puts me in the top 20% in US and top 2% in the world.  Yet, I still run my life as if there is something to fear.

I've thought about that recently, getting laid off sucks.  Getting laid off when you are over 50 really sucks.  Getting laid off when what you've done most of your life (marketing IT services) is in chaos is just down right scary as hell.

And now, about 4 months distance from my "job" and looking back at it - there is so little to fear when you look back - you wonder why you spent time doing.  But then again, when you look forward ... well, that's a completely different perspective and one that all of sudden, creates anxiety and the fears pop up all over the place ... all the ones that you try to keep buried under a veneer of smiles when asked "how's it going?  how you doing?".

I do a great job of managing fear in the past - but fail miserably with the future aspect.

My goal going forward is to start looking at the future, with the same eyes as the past.  Looking fondly at the experiences yet experienced; the places yet visited; the people yet to meet; and that all things will work out, usually to my benefit.

How about you?  


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