You just gotta love it!

I was doing my basic internet research (some people call it surfing) the other day, basically I started with one thought, followed links, random ideas, companies, searches, etc. And I ran across this story (of course I read it, giggled, and now can't find it).

Here's the story in a nutshell...

These two guys start an internet company (pre-bubble) and sell it for about $70 million and go off doing whatever you do with several million dollars in your pocket. Fast forward to the large popping sound (PLOOPP) and the same guys decide to purchase back their "baby" for $2 million. Fast forward to the new era (Web 2.0) and they have sold the same company again, for about $70 million. Who says you can't be a serial entrepreneur with the same company!

I wonder what they'll do if there's a PLOOPv2??


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  1. Anonymous2/22/2006

    I do the same all the time.



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