A Chicken and Egg thang...

Just curious what you think - what came first...

The Technology or the Service - see, I've been in the high tech services market forever and I love it. But I was thinking the other day about what really came first, technology or services and which really drives the market.

If you take a technology view - then you believe that innovation and new technology drive the market place. Buyers are out there looking for the next big thing and I don't disagree. In my own observations, technology (chips, hardware, software, development languages/platforms, etc) drive interest - sometimes to the point of frenzy. I also believe that "hackers" of technology are on the bleeding edge of innovation. But is the technology the driver?

Now, services provide a "way" to supply pent up demand - in the old days, time sharing computers was HUGE, now it's "hosted" or "virtual" - basically meaning the same thing - you don't have to buy it, just rent what you need. That is a service, driven by a pent up demand, that was created by technology innovation.

It's interesting to think about - but what is the relevance? Because there is no technology company around today - repeat none - that does not believe that SERVICES is going to save their company. But I don't believe SERVICES drive INNOVATION - that's the role of R&D within Hardware, Software, Tools companies. The demand for this innovation is what drives SERVICES - not the other way around. Personally, I hate to say that, I'm in the services business - but that's what I believe.

End of Rant.


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