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About four years ago, my wife had this great idea for a web site - basically a Web 2.0 site, before we knew there was a Web 2.0. We talked about it for months, I put together a little b-plan, showed it around and even convinced a couple people to invest.

Well since then, I've been hooked on the web, web sites and web development. I'll probably go into greater detail on the idea at some future time, but right now I want to basically say that Ruby on Rails may be one of the most interesting development platforms/architetures out there today. There are lots of cool sites utilizing it for development and the concept is really interesting - basically give up a little flexibility to gain alot of productivity. Not a bad theory. I can attest to the fact that too much flexibility (and allowing someone an expert to guide you down a path) can have disastrous results.

Do a google for Ruby on Rails and see what you think.

Cool site of the day: http://www.37signals.com/


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