Hey! I interviewed with that company...

Just saw a little news headline about Coremetrics purchasing SurfAid from IBM (amount undisclosed) and they also recently got another $31 million in venture financing. Good for them! I interviewed with them in 1999 (seems like a lifetime ago) when they were looking for a product manager. I interviewed with the two founders, neither of which are still with the company (as far as I can tell) and they were in a little office in the middle of nowhere, outside of Austin.

Actually, at the time, I had three interviews -- Coremetrics, Baleo and TManage. I got an offer from TManage (I should have taken this one, but took another job), Baleo didn't make it and CoreMetrics is still churning and burning - just with lots of different people.

Congrats to Coremetrics for staying in there through the hard times.


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