It's good to have a War Chest

It must be fun to be Google and have money to purchase companies. Their mode right now it to pick up companies that enhance their current (or future) offerings - but sometimes it appears they have a "eye for cool". Now, I don't know anyone at Google, have no idea what their long-term plan is or will be - and there are plenty of pundits that are beginning to march to the "Google and world domination" tune - but I really have no idea.

I'm going to put some of my ideas on my other blog {blurred} Visionary - so this entry is more about who they've purchase recently...

3/06 - @Last software - SketchUp - 3D CAD type design software
3/06 - Writely - Online word processing document / collaboration
2/06 – Measure - Map Blog Analytics
1/06 – dMarc - Broadcasting Automated Advertising Delivery Platform to Radio Stations
1/06 - Android Mobile Software – Mapping and messaging
7/05 - Akwan Information Technologies Software Development – Latin America R&D hub
5/05 - Dodgeball Mobile Software – Communication features
3/05 - Zipdash Mobile Software – Traffic reports with aid of GPS technology
3/05 - Where2 - Mapping Technology
3/05 - Urchin Software Corporation - Web Analytics
10/04 - Keyhole - Corporation 3D Maps and Satellite Imagery
7/04 - Picasa - Digital Photo Management
4/04 - Ignite Logic - Web Design
9/03 - Katlix Corporation - Personalized and Context Sensitive Search Technology
4/03 - Applied Semantics - Advertising/Enterprise/DNS Solutions
2/03 - Pyra Labs - Blogger


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