Personal MBA - Moving from a hobbie to business...

First of all, I want to congratulate Josh Kaufman for sticking to a "vision". I don't know if Josh believed this could be a business or not, but it appears is moving the Personal MBA closer to actually producing revenue. Now, I don't know Josh personally, only what I've read about him from his blog, posts, sites, etc. - but for all intent and purposes, he appears to be very sharp. Here's a basic time line (times and places are approximate) about the creation of the Personal MBA...
  1. Sometime in 2005, there was an article about the COST of getting an MBA - with the questions being, is it worth it?
  2. After that article, Seth Godin commented that people need to think about two things - the opportunity costs of not making money for two years and the pure costs of the program itself
  3. Josh Kaufman created a Manifesto about the Personal MBA - taking on the task of learning about business by reading a series of books
  4. Then Josh created a site for people to discuss these books call the Personal MBA - a basic discussion board
  5. A couple weeks ago, BusinessWeek did an article about the Personal MBA
  6. Today - Josh announced a "bigger" project, that will utilize web applications built by 37Signals (another favorite of mine) and begin a premium service

Here's what I say about all this -- Good for Josh. He has taken an idea, spent time developing a community around, and now is moving into the possibility of building a business, making real money. For all I know, this could be the next University of Phoenix - or it could die out. Either way, he put himself out there, tried something new. I hope he makes a millions.

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  1. Buying all those book is expensive, anyone have ideas on how to do a personal MBA for free?

    If you are one of the thousands praising the PMBA in blogs, why not write an article on your area of expertise and put it forward as free course material - maybe with AdSense ads if you want to make some money.

    Eventually an entire MBA course could be created from free articles.


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