A Database for the Masses??

First of all, this thing is still not out of Alpha stage - let alone a public Beta available, but I have walked through some of their stuff (via screenshot demos) and it looks really cool. This thing may be one of the best things to happen to web stuff in a long time.

Dabble DB - info from their web site at http://dabbledb.com ...

What could I build with Dabble?

These are a few examples of applications that we've built in Dabble. We hope they inspire you to come up with your own uses. (Click on a thumbnail for a full-size screenshot.)

  • Track your company's billable hours; group them by project or employee and total them up.

    Billable hours application
  • Manage your staff schedule; give each employee a custom view of their upcoming shifts.

    Calendar application
  • Organize a conference; search for events by room, by presenter, by topic, by type…

    Conference application
  • Record your expenses; add different fields for each type of payment.

    Expenses application
Go get your email on their list - then all we have to do is wait until it's available.


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