Mark Cuban - solve my problem and get hired....

This sucks - I just spent the last 1/2 hour writing a great blog entry that no one will ever see because my damned screen refreshed during spell check and erased the whole thing!!!

FDS!! Well the gist of the entry was really a comment on Mark Cuban's entry about needing someone to solve his movie distribution marketing problem. Stated simply, it's standard practice to spend a bunch of money to get people to come to your movie in the theater. In fact, it's not uncommon to spend more money than you will receive via ticket sales. And if you can solve this problem with a unique and interesting solution - he might just put you to work (i.e. give you a job).

That's an interesting approach to hiring - but what I thought was interesting is that there are almost 700 comments (and who knows how many emails he's received). Guess what folks, whether he gets one "innovative" idea and believes the person who submitted it can pull it off is completely irrelevant - because he is getting a ton of ideas and thoughts on the marketplace. From how he should get out of the movie business, to why movies suck, to why theaters suck, to what people like, to alternatives to going to a theater.

Think about this "give me an idea and I'll give you a job" scenario -- in one post, Mark Cuban has been provided a ton of insight from actual consumers of his product. Personal, direct, involved, passionate response to the question -- How do I get butts in the seats without spending more than I make?

This is perfect example of why the internet (and all the little apps that make it work) is so very cool. 20 years ago, Mark Cuban could not do what he has just done. Basically, he had a brain fart and told a few hundred thousand people - the word spread and now it's a million people. And BTW, it's people around the world. He could get thousands of suggestions on how to market movies more profitably - all because the internet allows that kind of communications. WOW!!

Hey, maybe I'll send him my ideas - or maybe not. I just think it's cool that this technology has that kind of power.


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