Outside looking in....

I was doing a little blog searching and got caught up in a very different world. I was searching for blog entries for the Long Tail (really trying to figure out if there was any good blog fodder on the subject) and when down the proverbial rabbit hole (btw, that was reference to the white rabbit and alice in wonderland).

But I entered the surreal world of the Movie/TV/Screenwriter biz. Here are a few of the blogs I found (in no particular order)....

- Write Here, Write Now
- Living the Romantic Comedy
- The Screenwriting Life
- Borderline Inappropriate
- Assistant/Atlas
- The Big Woo

As I was reading some of the posts (and even made a few comments), I realized that I have no idea about that business. Sure, I watched Project Greenlight, and was amazed at both the stupidity and brilliance of the movie business. I'm also a big fan of ENTOURAGE - which is probably both real (and imagined).

What is really shocking to me, is that there are tons of talented people in the world. Writers, actors, production, marketing, painters, potters, quilters, candle stick makers - whatever. And many of us have some spark of that "artistic" feeling inside us. If the whole thing about having a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear - oh ya, taking care of the kids. But many of us might have gone in a different direction. Thank goodness, there are people out there that don't listen, or do and then do exactly the opposite.


  1. Hello,
    Thanks for link. :-)
    Nice to hear your point of view on the whole notion of the "Scribosphere."

  2. Speaking of PGL, Feast comes out on September 22nd!


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