Cool company alert!! HitTail & Inkling

OK - I found two to write about and provide links...

One is called HitTail -- here is how they describe the company...

Most Web tools today isolate you from the data you need to improve your website
from a natural-search point-of-view. By utilizing a radically improved method
for managing long lists on the Web, HitTail zeros right in on that data, showing
you every search hit that has led to your site and then pulls out the keywords.
HitTail then uses sophisticated algorithms to pull out underperforming terms as
suggestions, which you may or may not choose to move into your to do list and
act on. The more you take action by writing about these promising topics, the
more your site snowballs.

Basically, it's about getting "free" keywords and utilizing the Long Tail concept. I like the idea and have signed up for their free beta service.

The other company is called Inkling, and here is what they say about themselves....
Inkling is an online service to create and manage your own prediction
markets. (note: they have personal and company prediction markets. It's all based upon the idea that groups are smarter than individuals - as long as you take out the whole riot/mob mentality thing)

There lots of interesting company's doing interesting stuff - if you know of others, please comment and leave their URL so I can go check it out!!


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