Welch vs Anderson -- what does market dominance mean?

Today, there is one article (from Fortune Magazine - link below, don't what to get into any copyright issues here) and one new book released -- that will start a dialogue within the business world (or maybe just in the USA). And it's about how you attain market dominance -- by being BIG or being SPECIALIZED.

And maybe it only comes down to personal preference...do I want to own/be employed by a big company or do I want to own/be employed by a niche company. I can sit here and tell you my experiences with both types, what I believe is important, which provides the most "fun" -- but here are a couple links for you to do your own investigation...

Fortune Magazines Article: Tearing up the Jack Welch playbook

New Book: The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

In my opinion, either works (or doesn't work) and either can be enjoyable places to be. It's really more about what "rocks your world" than anything else - because, without fun and excitement, it just plain work (and that's boring). So figure out what rocks your world -- underdog, challenger, champion, big, or small -- and have fun with it.


  1. So, this comment ties both to your post about Chris' Long Tail concept, and your post about One Way Blogging. There's a way for users to provide you input about what to write about that alleviates you the need to immerse yourself in the blogosphere. In fact, they're already doing it. HitTail is a writing suggestion tool for bloggers. The demo gives an idea of how it plays off of the long tail concept and helps to drive traffic.

  2. Mike - thanks for the info!! I believe HitTail will become a "cool company" entry in the very near future.

  3. Thanks for the reply, and the posts on my blog! I'm glad I discovered yours. I see a common thread between your blog, and Chris' world view: it's really nice when people get to be rewarded for doing what they love. And that may be the biggest lesson of the long tail: from each according to their ability; to each according to his need. Wait, is the long tail about consumerism or communism? Hmmmmm


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