Who creates change?

I was listening to the BBC on XMRadio yesterday and they did a segment on Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, one of the only black farmers in England - and although that is interesting, it's what he said at the end of the interview that caught my attention. Here it is....
"outsiders create change"

I had never really thought about it before, but if you think about it, change within any community (social, policitcal, religious, business, technology, etc.) is usually created (or assisted) by someone from the outside. A person that usually doesn't know any better, or is dissatisfied with the way things are currently.
Then I was thinking about the United States, and one of the things that made this country great was our inclusion of "outsiders". Now I'm not naive enough to think that ALL people like the idea of including outsiders - in fact, for most people there is an internal aversion to change (and therefore we don't like outsiders - anything that is different).
Now, for anyone that has been alive more than two years, change is going to happen. Embrace it and love it - it happens anyway.


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