5 Great Ideas for the independent thinker....

I get to drive several miles to work, so I get to spend some quality time with myself each and every day. For many people, this would cause a problem, but I like the ability to think about stuff. Last week I started thinking about internet ecosystems and how you could put things together. These are not mashups mind you, but taking two or three sites and collaborating.

#1 Thought -- YouTube and GarageBand

What if some enterprising young video producer/creater/editor was to take one of the bands from GarageBand and create a music video. Both sites would get cross promotion. Here's why I like this one -- there is lots of talent out there, but talent does not pay the bills, get you noticed or really do anything but make your mom happy. But, if you can get a couple talented people together, focus their energy -- then you have a winner and sometimes magic happens.

#2 Thought -- GarageBand and XMRadio

What if XM had a show or channel, exclusively devoted to indie/undiscovered music and musicians. OK, both are into music, but just think about how powerful this one would be...One channel, exclusively devoted to "unknowns" - maybe have a "famous" person DJ? Do random selections, but have specific "shows" for a type of music (Jazz, Rock, POP, Country, etc.). I have no idea how much it would cost them - but have you seen how many tracks are available on GarageBand?

#3 Thought -- Blogger and some book publisher

This would be primarily about short stories (there used a be a site dedicated to unpublished authors, but it died, can't remember the name) and cross promote them. Many bloggers are not really writers, they write, but there is not a "story" being developed. BUT, there could be a new breed of blogging, one in which you tell a story - short stories or long - one chapter at a time. The cool thing about this one would be having the ability to see a writer develop over time - or have the "audience" help develop the story line and characters.

#4 Thought -- YouTube and Comedy Central

How about have a "review" show for YouTube on Television!! Look, there are lots of videos on YouTube (just like lots of people blogging) and most is crap - but some is really good (and you can't always know which is which by the number of VIEWS!!). But some cable channel will figure this one out and see all these video as "free or virtually free" content - create a review show for YouTube videos - or use some of the more popular YouTube reviews to do the job.

#5 Thought -- YouTube and 43Folders

How about someone taking one of the "things" or "places" or "people" from 43Folders and do a video. Say it's a thing "I want a video IPOD", take that as the primary idea and go shoot a video - find some people that actually have a Video IPOD and interview them, go to a store that sells them and find out what the salesperson has to say about, do a review - whatever - you could do this on any aspect of the 43Folders site.

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  1. I like your analysis. Mostly because it supports the idea that blogs are the new novels. At least, for those of us developing stories with them.

    My regards, sir.


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