YouTube, Lonelygirl15 and future of media...

If you've recently visited YouTube, there's at least some likelihood that you've run across Lonelygirl15 (who is one of the most popular vBloggers on YouTube with over 8 million hits since putting up her first video eariler this year).

Well, there have been some interesting developments over the past week - you have to give it up to the geeks, they do their research (but usually after they have "invested" their geeky heart-n-soul in something). Lonelygirl15 is a fake, a plant, a character dreamed up by some enterprising film makers - those that have invested time in her, and believe they "know" her - are now crying in their keyboards, wondering WHY???

After talking with my wife (check out her blog), she made a great statement "they're upset because they believe they're above being marketed to - they're too savvy for that". She's right!! There are lots of people out there that believe the Internet is different, it's a place where you get to know people, make friends and have fun.

Guess what, the Internet is just another communications medium - so get over it. Enjoy it for what it is, understand that people can be "who they want to be" or companies can "make you believe" things.

I say congrat to those film makers, to the actors on the videos and to YouTube - and welcome to the new face of the media. "You Created Content" is not always YOU created. Now if only I could figure out how to recreate myself.....


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