Office Productivity done in Web 2.0 Style

In an attempt to appear more HIP than I am, I recently signed up for a ThinkFree account - really under the auspice of signing up, playing around, then forgetting about it (much like I did with my Google Spreadsheets stuff). Mostly because I'm an old school person, believing that if it's not on my hard drive, how can it be any good.

Well, I have to admit, ThinkFree is pretty good (still some hiccups, but that's beta for you), but the interface is very clean, everything is fairly intuitive, and it works. Now, with all things, only time will tell. But I would assume this company will get bought and the the original creators of the company will be a lot richer (if not happier).

I don't know if these types of web apps are the way of the future - if so, then all I need is a smart phone (maybe with the ability to hook up a big monitor and full size keyboard) and we're off to the races. Who needs the "fat" client, when you can do the same thing with these "thin" apps, then my files are available anywhere in the world (with the appropriate internet access of course).

The other thing, it hooks up directly with Blogger - allowing me blog and publish at will. We'll see if these apps have staying power.

NOTE: For all I know, ThinkFree believes it published this post - but in reality, I doing it the old fashioned way, a little thing I call CUT-N-PASTE (you've probably heard of it).

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  1. Arnie,

    Thanks for signing up. We built this with the idea that people could actually use this in their daily life. So, I hope it doesn't get left in the garage so to speak.

    One thing, if you use our post to blog feature, the live document is embedded in the blog - formats and all. This feature is especially great for playing with numbers in a spreadsheet or doing full screen presentations.



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