3 Examples of Great User Generated Content

There are lots of creative people out there and we should give thanks that the internet has provided a method for us to experience them. The follow are 3 examples (with of course, commentary)...

1. My Drunken Dad -- this is my all time favorite non-commercial, never gonna probably be on TV, but should be, sitcom/life drama/shit happens show. You can find these through either their web site or YouTube - check 'em out, this stuff is funny.

2. "Long Neck for a Short Goodbye" by the Cowboy Poets -- you don't have to be a country-n-western music fan to enjoy this song (but it would probably help). I love songs that tell a story, and this one is universal.

3. "Personal MBA" by Josh Kaufman -- manifestos are great, they are short, to the point and usually are heart felt. You can actually feel the passion some of these people put into them. Josh's is great for anyone in business, because with a MBA or not, you have to keep yourself educated. Josh provides a list of some of the most important business books ever written.

There are more, hundreds, millions more of great stuff. Most of it, I don't care for, but that just makes me normal - what I like and what you like - it can be found with a little searching around, that's the fun part.


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