Power of Choice, Power to Choose

The internet has opened up a whole world of ideas, thoughts, channels for creativity, opportunities for change, allowed people to connect, meet, make friends (find enemies), communicate, and so on.

In my opinion, blogs (in all its variations - written, spoken, video) and blogging has changed the world's landscape and how we communicate. Blogs come in all forms, from the serious, to the surreal - from the funny to the absolutely stupid, but that's the great things about all this content -- it's choice media. I get to choose what I read/listen to/view, when I want to read/listen to/view.

Just thirty years ago, there were three major TV stations (plus PBS, and some UHF stations), about 5 types of radio stations (rock, easy listening, country, religious, talk), movies were release in theaters (no video yet) and one or two major newspapers in any single city -- and of course, no internet (or personal computers for that matter).

But 1985 (or let's say 1989), we did have personal computers, cable TV, movies on video tape and the beginnings of the internet (if only through services such as Compuserver, Delphi and Prodigy). And it wasn't until 1995 that the "modern" internet was starting to take off and we were warned about people lurking in chat rooms and stalkers on discussion forums.

2006 - there are more media outlets than ever (but does that me more choices, but less choice?) - Remember the song by Bruce Springsteen "400 Channels and Nothing On"? I say we have more choice and a lot more voices. Maybe Disney owns most of the cable stations and Gannett owns TV and Clear Channel owns Radio - how about the internet? Who owns it?

We are better off, we can choose what to watch/listen to/or view - Hell, we can create our own channels, our own newspapers, our own radio stations - all with the click of a button and the power of the internet.

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  1. Hi there,

    I need help with a project I'm doing for work, and I'm thinking this is the right place to find help, judging from your call for diversity in the media.

    We're conducting a study on music, the media, and the technology young people use today. But most market research is totally bunk because of the survey junkies who participate in online panels- they don't accurately represent the ideal consumer. So we've been recruiting a more upscale, educated, and technologically friendly group of people virally (everyone at my office sends an invite to their friends who send it to their friends, etc.) to take a short survey on these topics. The results will help large media companies see that while it appears they're serving the U.S. so well, the people who don't traditionally participate in market research are NOT being served.

    I used a Facebook and MySpace profile to recruit people to recruit their friends, and it's working well, because there are cash incentives involved, but I need to find MORE places to recruit these folks. Any ideas? Where do young techies hang out these days?

    If you know anyone age 12-34, please pass this on to them. (Sorry, anyone else is too old)

    There are cash incentives involved, but seriously, do this just to help give a voice to diversity in the Media industry.


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