The Real Men of the Internet -- Daddy Bloggers

There are Fortune 500 CEO's that blog, there are high powered VC's that blog, there are celebrity authors that blog - but no other group is more entertaining, more fun to read, more "spot-on" for topics in my life than Daddy Bloggers!! Now I got turned onto daddy bloggers through my wife (who is a mommy blogger) - and this group of men represent some of the best of the best - Real Men of the Internet (the following are a few I've read along the way).....

This blogging dad let's it fly, with his own brand of comedy and tragedy. He chronicles his life as a both a dad and a husband, living his life in the Big City and watching his little girl grow up before his eyes. Well worth the time.
If only everyone could "tell their tale" this well. Wife, Kid, and Security Geek - what a life (and blogging too!!). There are times in our lives that we either need to laugh out loud or cry in closet -- read this blog, and you'll find out you're not alone.
Flailing My Arms (aka Jonathan)
Being a Daddy in your 20's much be a trip (I waited til much later in life), although maybe struggling with your life along with kids is not a bad way to go. Check him out.
Zero Boss
(in his own words.....) The Zero Boss started out as a marketing tool to sell my book of the same name. (Yes, that makes me a shameless self-promoter. I’ve learned to embrace my Inner Marketing Whore.) At the time (February 2004), "mommyblogging" was just taking off, and only a handful of dads were writing about their experiences as fathers.
Clare's Dad
(in his own words.....) These are the ramblings of a thirty-something suburban husband and father who probably has nothing new to add the the world of blogs...but is here anyway.
Daddy Daze
(in his own words.....) I blog for several reasons. First off, I'm a geek, so having a website is appealing to me. I'm also a bit narcissistic, like most people are, and blogging serves that urge in me. I also really like the immediacy of blogs. As soon as something of interest happens, be it on an international level or in a person's own everyday life, that information can be made available to anyone who is interested in receiving it.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Being a parent in your 20s is equal parts hysterical, amazing and insane.

    With the onslaught of the twos, I'm leaning mostly on insane.

    The blog looks great! Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for taking notice of my blog, Arnie. I hope I'll have more to read soon...I'm just in a long blogging slump right now.


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