Creating Customer Value - Blue Ocean Strategy

Ah, the world of planning. I read lots of books, articles, white papers and have lots of discussions (at work) about what's going to happen in the future, what are the trends that will affect the company, what are customers looking to buy, what can we provide/delivery, etc and so on.

Well, in "Blue Ocean Strategy" [click here for Amazon information] the basic concept is...
Don't compete where everyone else is, find new ways/methods/products/ services to make yourself different. Create new markets, products, customers. All makes since, but one of the keys is always keeping your customer in mind (which is tough for most big companies, there is always a belief that the customer will follow them - where ever they go). So, below is a graphic that depicts the creation of "Customer Value" - just in case the copyright cops come calling - I do not claim that I created this view - the authors of the book created this view [W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne]

Click on the graphic below to see full size (and actually read the text)

Value of Information1


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