A son's tribute to his father....

As a father (and for that matter a son), there is nothing as strange and wonderful as the relationship between a father and son. My sons are young (and evolving) and my father died a few years ago - so when I read the following post, it stirs both memories of the past and a hope for the future. Go read it, decide for yourself, but I would imagine that Jef Raskin would be very proud of his son Aza Raskin (as the son is of the father).

Read the post, then find out about the company Aza started (along with his partners) - Enso appears to be a very cool product.

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  1. I've thought about this one some since I made the post. If you think about it, what Aza has done is the ultimate critical assumption (and thus is spot on the topic for this blog). He has built a company on the personal, professional, technical and business assumptions - based upon what his father taught him about life and how to live it.

    Rock on Aza and Enso!!


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