Blogs, time and power of choice....

I just noticed (probably recognized it, just really noticed) the last time I posted was in September. Wow, at one time, I was trying to post everyday - what a difference. So, what has changed....

1. I have new position within my company - with less "freedom" to search the internet for interesting stuff. Previously, part of my job was searching for "news and trends" about technology, which allowed me TIME to surf around and check out various pages, companies and the like. The new position is different and requires much more time working on internal issues.

2. I got tired - it not only takes lots of time, it takes energy and creativity to write interesting posts (notice I said interesting). And I thought it was somewhat lazy to just forward newsletters to my blog - not a lot of creativity involved in hitting the forward button in the email account. Also, I'm a big believer in treating anyone that happens to stumble upon this blog with respect, which means providing some level value - and not just another "content churn mill".

Now, I started this thing to provide a space for my opinions - not to have lots of traffic and make money - that was not the motiviation. I made the choice and I make the choice add content when and where I feel like it. Obviously this is not a money making venture, I use Blogger, a standard template and do not have Adsense on the blog. So, if you've bookmarked me, or use a reader to get content, I apologize for the lack of activity (but don't promise to be any better in the future) - my choice right now is post when I want, what I want, with my own personal motivations.

So it really comes down to my time (which is limited) and my choice (which is personal).


  1. Arnie,
    There is a fine line between "living to work" and "working to live." Even so, you are up early rhis morning posting. With that said, one of the things I miss the most about my previous job was the opportunity it afforded me to use the Internet to look around and see what is going on. Therefore, I can relate completely how a new job that is not directly market-facing limits the ability to look around. Hopefully, I can get back to it soon.


  2. Arnie - glad to see you are ok. I totally get the wanting to write when you feel like it - just know that some of us like to read whatever you put up...


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