But I only left one 't' uncrossed.....

Intellectual Property (IP) is great, I truly believe people should be their fair share. But I guess there is going to be a whole mess of law suits around MP3 and Microsoft lost the first round yesterday, the following is ZDNet.

A federal jury in San Diego has ordered Microsoft to pay $1.5 billion to Alcatel-Lucent in a patent dispute over MP3 audio technology used in Windows. In its verdict, the jury assessed damages based on each Windows PC sold since May 2003. The case could have broader implications, should Alcatel-Lucent pursue claims against other companies that use the widespread MP3 technology.

And yes Virginia, that is Billions - not that I'm crying any tears for Microsoft, but this could get messy and affect many more people than just the Big Boys. Just thought I'd pass along some interesting news.

Check out who else has licensed the MP3 format here....http://www.mp3licensing.com


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