Cool Site Alert: Mash me up some taters....

Because I like new stuff, finding new companies and just generally wasting time on the internet -- I'm here to let everyone know about a new mashup company out there called Teqlo. Their tagline is "mashups for the masses" which I personally like (I've done some programming stuff, but generally don't have the patience for programming).

Below you will find their intro video - it's only about two minutes, so spend 120 seconds of your life and watch it. It seems pretty cool, I don't have my account yet, but will do that this weekend and see what I can do with it. I'm a pretty good acid test, just technical enough to understand, yet lazy and stupid enough to cause problems for myself (can you say "please read the fucking manual??"). Sorry for the little bit of expletive, but I also spent some time done technical support - 'nuff said.


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